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Having your chimney removed

If you have an old chimney that is leaking and unstable the cheaper and better option can be to remove it from the roof altogether.

These are some of the reasons customers want their chimney removed.

1. The chimney could be damaged by the weather, or have damp issues, or lead flashing issues which can all lead to water ingress. If the chimney is no longer being used then a customer can decide to remove the chimney and save spending money on continual costly repairs.

2. The chimney needs to be removed as the condition is so degraded that it is not safe and is an imminent danger to the public.

3. The chimney is no longer viable to repair and will need to be re-built by a stonemason which will be a significant cost, which will depend on the number of chimney pots on the stack.

4. If a customer has not used their chimney in years and the fireplaces have been removed or blocked off, then having a chimney can be a costly expense keeping it maintained, and in the long run, removing it can save money.

5. Aesthetic reasons can make a customer choose to remove an unsightly chimney.

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