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Re-Roofing (New Roofs) and New Build Roof Specialists

We will come and inspect your roof and give you a free quotation on the best solution for your roof and budget.

New Roofs and New Builds

At JRC Jordan Roofing Co Ltd we can advise, and help you to choose the right new roof covering for your property. Factors to consider are cost, neighbouring roof coverings & the current capabilities of your timber roof structure

The average size domestic new roof will take approx 6-9 working days. So you would usually have scaffolding on your home for roughly 2 weeks. we can offer scaffold alarms for those who are worried by burglars or live in highly populated areas.

The roof coverings vary quite dramatically in price, so there is usually an option for all budgets or the aesthetically minded client.

Lead flashings area always included with new roofs, as are minor chimney repairs (pointing etc), valley replacement & ridge tile replacement (unless asked otherwise, for example, with ornamental ridges that you wish to keep).

Our services and products include:

  • Roof Tiling
  • Roof Slating*
  • Liquid Plastics Systems
  • Built-Up Felt Roof Systems
  • Single Ply Membrane Systems

Full Re-Roof

You should you consider getting a new roof (re-roofing) if:

– If your home or business is experiencing leaks from the roof

– If issues with your roof don’t seem to stay resolved, even after multiple repairs

– As part of a refurbishment project

– Porous coverings are the other reason for major failure. Most roof coverings are coated with an outer layer that is designed to withstand water penetration. Clay tiles and natural slate are the exception, but these coverings are more expensive for that reason. With manmade coverings, the outer covering becomes worn and old over time, allowing water to penetrate the covering material. Climate changes such as frost then contribute to cracking the material, along with general damage caused from absorbing water

– Nail rot is a major reason for roof failure. With a tac-back the nails are obviously renewed upon re installation.

Reliable & Effective

We understand that a re-roofing service is disruptive and difficult to live and work around.

This is why we offer a comprehensive and efficient service.

We aim to re-roof your home or business effectively and efficiently so that you can return to normal as soon as possible, safe in the knowledge that your building is secured.

We take pride in offering a friendly and courteous service from all our staff and you will be impressed by our level of professionalism.

Flat Roofing

When you mention Felt or Flat Roofs almost everyone’s first thought is of leaks and damage to ceilings, walls and carpets and furniture.

We are discovering that a lot of old flat / felt roofs suffer from water seeping through the old fashioned built up felted roof, which becomes and on-going problem due to the felt flat roof felt becoming brittle and degraded over time which invariantly leads to flat roof leaks. Modern Flat roofing materials are now so advanced and efficient that we can guarantee your flat or felt roof will be waterproof and leak free.

We find that homeowners believe that they should continually keep repairing their flat roof felt with similar low quality mineral felt, that require felting on a regular basis. We can provide solutions that will ensure your property is maintenance free and hassle free for many years.

Once we have replaced your roof it will be a waterproof seal over the whole of your roof that is weather resistant, 100% watertight, and guaranteed.

Deciding to opt for our flat roofing installation on your existing roof will ensure you save yourself from the high financial costs and the high inconvenience factor that can be involved in neglecting flat roof repairs

Pitched Roofing

A replacement roof project is made more complex depending on the size of roof, number of hips and valleys, dormers and skylights, size and type of tile.

All these factors are labour intensive and will have an effect on the time schedule of a replacement roof project. As a rough guide an ‘up and over’ terrace house can be completed in 3-4 days while an ‘up and over’ detached house would take 5 – 7 days.

A large complex detached house roof could run into several weeks, while specifying a small format plain tile or slate could double the tile laying time over that of a large format pantile

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